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Seymour Missouri


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    • Link to Online Seymour Missouri Calendar containing City Government Meetings / Events

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    • Link to Online Seymour Missouri Calendar containing Seymour public / community events

  • History of Seymour / About Seymour

    • History of Seymour Missouri

    • Photo Gallery of Historical Photos of Seymour

    • Link to download a copy of a book on Seymour's history:  1881-2006

  • Government

    • Information on Mayor, City Council, City Administrator, City Clerk, link to Seymour City Utilities, link to City Council meeting agendas & minutes.

  • Minutes / Agendas

    • Download a copy of the upcoming City Council meeting agenda, or archives of previous council meeting minutes.

  • Area Resources

    • Links to area information on Seymour as well as Webster County and the State of Missouri.

  • Residents Guide

    • Learn about Seymour.  Links to information beneficial to Seymour Missouri residents. 

  • Business Directory

    • Listing of businesses located inside the city limits of Seymour Missouri with current business licenses.

  • City Departments

    • Listing and information on City Departments.  Links to each city department's individual pages with contact information and information pertinent to that department's mission.

  • Seymour Code Book

    • Download a copy of the Seymour Code Book containing information on City ordinances.

  • Privacy Policy / Disclaimers

    • The City of Seymour Missouri's privacy policy and disclaimer statement.


  • Contact Us

    • Phone numbers, fax numbers, addresses and links to email addresses for all City Departments


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City of Seymour, Missouri USA
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