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Seymour Missouri

Permit Applications:  Business Licenses, City Utilities, Garage Sales

Seymour Mayor

Richard Vinson

Contact Mayor Vinson


Seymour City Council

North Ward Alderman
William Pogue
Contact William Pogue


North Ward Alderman
Jim Ashley

Contact Jim Ashley


South Ward Alderman
Nadine Crisp

Contact Nadine Crisp

South Ward Alderman
Dan Wehmer

Contact Dan Wehmer

Seymour City Administrator

City Administrator Hillary Gintz

Contact Hillary Gintz

Seymour City Clerk

City Clerk Leslie Houk

Contact Leslie Houk

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City of Seymour, Missouri USA
123 West Market Street - PO Box 247
Seymour, Missouri  65746
Phone:  417.935.4401 ~ Email  city@seymourmissouri.org