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Seymour ....
is Open for Business


The City of Seymour Missouri will work with you to  make your business work for you!

Thinking of bringing a business to Seymour or to expand a business already here?  Seymour is committed to growing our community by working with present and future business owners to bring more jobs, economic development and growth to our town. 

From tax breaks, utility assistance, infrastructure commitments, to City owned land incentives, the City of Seymour is willing to work with you to reduce your risk and make this venture a win-win collaboration!

Schedule a meeting with Seymour's Mayor to discuss what type of incentives and assistance Seymour can provide you and your company to make your new or expanded business a success.  Call City Hall at 417.935.4401 today!

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City of Seymour, Missouri USA
123 West Market Street - PO Box 247
Seymour, Missouri  65746
Phone:  417.935.4401 ~ Email  city@seymourmissouri.org